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    Output Voltage: • CM-BP 30 - 0-30kV DC (both positive and negative polarities)
      • CM-BP - 0-60kV DC (both positive and negative polarities)
    Output Current (Max): CM-BP 30 - 5.0mA; CM-BP 60 - 2.5mA
    Max. Output Power: 300W (150W per polarity)
    Output Connections: 8 SLCC Ports (Four positive polarity and four negative)
    Remote Control Connection: 25 Pin D-Sub Cable
    Remote Voltage Control: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA For 0- 30kV, (CM-BP 30) and 0-60kV, (CM-BP 60). Input control signals are selectable via dip switches on the
    Remote Control Functions: • Switching high voltage On/Off
      • Output voltage control via standard industry control signals.
      • Output voltage and current monitoring
      • Overload indication monitoring.
      • Easy to configure via D-Sub cable

    Part Numbers:

    CM-BP 30 (±30kV Output) P/N: 4011541
    CM-BP 60 (±60kV Output) P/N: 4011542