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    Neutro-Vac 薄膜/片材除靜電潔凈系統


    Today's competitive standards demand that products be completely free of contamination. Slitting, coating and laminating operations are held to tighter standards and converters are looking for solutions. Failure to reduce or eliminate the level of material contamination will lead to equipment downtime, increased maintenance, poorer quality product and dissatisfied customers.

    Simco has delivered thousands of cleaning systems to satisfied customers around the world. We offer two products lines, Neutro-Vac and Ion-O-Vac, both of which can remove particulate down to 20-microns in size.

    Neutro-Vac utilizes a low velocity, high volume vacuum system, which makes it ideal for installation over unsupported webs, because the material will not be pulled to the vacuum slot. The systems can be either non-contact (the material being cleaned is not touched by brushes or other mechanical methods) or contact style. Neutro-Vacs combine the power of a compressed air blast, static eliminator and a high output exhaust head to agitate the web, remove the static bond and evacuate the surface particulate.

    Simco cleaners are available with a variety of options:
    - Single or two-sided cleaning
    - Sizes ranging from 3" to 300" wide
    - Contact, non-contact and explosion resistant versions
    - Pneumatic lifts available to lift the heads